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Q1. What is a Masterplan?

On large scale, strategic sites such as Countesswells, the initial planning of proposed land uses, establishment of character areas and the provision of infrastructure requirements will normally be mapped out by a Development Framework.   A Masterplan will generally follow on from this and follow the overarching principles of a Development Framework, providing greater detail on the development concept, and proposed land uses for the creation of new places. Its set out principles and parameters for urban design and landscaping, built form, access and infrastructure, pedestrian and vehicular connectivity and service provision. Planning applications should generally demonstrate broad compliance with these established principles.  A Development Framework and Phase 1 Masterplan have already been approved for the initial phases of development at Countesswells, which is now well underway and a Phase 2 Masterplan for the next phases of development is now being prepared. You can find the approved Countesswells Development Framework and Phase 1 Masterplan via the following link (https://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/planning-and-building/local-development-plan/aberdeen-local-development-plan/supplementary-guidance-and-technical-advice).

Q2. When will Phase 2 be delivered?

We intend to submit the Phase 2 Masterplan to Aberdeen City Council in early 2021. Subject to its approval, this would allow subsequent planning applications to be pursued for development within the Phase 2 area. The Phase 2 area will be built out over a 5-10 year period.

Q3. When will the primary and secondary schools be open?

Planning permission has been granted for the first primary school as part of the Phase 1 development and will be delivered in early course in line with Aberdeen City Council’s capital programme.

The Secondary school site is located within the Phase 2 Masterplan area and its programmed delivery is subject to ongoing discussions with Aberdeen City Council. The Council anticipate the school will be open toward the end of 2024.

Q4. When will the new supermarket be open?

The new Sainsbury’s supermarket has planning consent and construction works have recently commenced with a view to having the store open to the community by 2021.  A new neighbourhood centre is also contained within the Phase 2 Masterplan, which will provide for a range of new retail, employment opportunities and facilities to benefit the community.

Q5. Will there be a GP / Dentist Surgery on Site?

Yes a new health centre, which could include provision for a dental surgery, will be provided as part of the Countesswells development. As part of the delivery of the Phase 2 Masterplan area, discussions will continue with NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council in respect of providing the land for this facility to be built in due course.

Q6. Will there be additional play area provision?

Yes, dedicated space for recreation and play is at the very heart of the Countesswells development. A play area has already been delivered as part of the initial phases of development alongside the Cults Burn Park which meanders through the development. A new large Central Park will be delivered as part of the new community core as part of the Phase 2 Masterplan, which will provide further play spaces for children as well as other active sports areas suitable for all age groups within the community.

Q7. Is public transport available at Countesswells?

Yes. Stagecoach currently provide an existing service every 30 mins from Countesswells to the Kingswells Park and Ride facility, to connect to the X17 (Aberdeen Union Square to Elrick Straik Road) link with Aberdeen City Centre.  Stagecoach have also committed to expand the service in and around Countesswells as the community grows and additional demand is realised.

Q8. Will there be sufficient vehicle parking provision?

Yes, parking for cars, motorcycles as well as bicycles will be provided throughout Countesswells in accordance with Aberdeen City Council Policy Standards and in line with the principles set out within Scottish Government Guidance – ‘Designing Streets’. The design of residential streets shall be planned as places and not roads, creating a pedestrian friendly environment. Dedicated parking for residents and visitors within the residential areas will be provided within driveways and rear courtyards and there will also be some further opportunities for parking associated with the mixed use areas.

Q9. How will my feedback be used?

Your feedback to this consultation is very important to us and will be utilised by the Project Team to help shape and inform the Phase 2 Masterplan. Your comments are not to a planning application at this stage, however there would be further opportunities to submit representations to Aberdeen City on any subsequent planning applications lodged in future within the Phase 2 Area. 


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