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The Phase 2 Masterplan

The Phase 2 Masterplan will build upon the key design concepts and principles established within the Development Framework and Phase 1 Masterplan, unlocking the next phase of development which will focus on the community core, which lies central to the overall site. This will refine the design and mix of uses associated with the new emerging neighbourhood centre as well as establishing the phasing of further development blocks to accommodate approximately 1,300 homes.
Phase 2 also contains the site for the new planned Countesswells Community Campus, which will be a centre of excellence for education and community-wide hub.
We intend to submit the Phase 2 Masterplan to Aberdeen City Council in early 2021. Subject to its approval, this will allow for future planning applications to be brought forward for the development of the Phase 2 area, in accordance with the agreed phasing plan.

a residential-led mixed use development of approximately 3,000 homes, supporting retail, service and community uses and employment land.


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